As promised, a picture of my Zoya Haul!


{ please do click for the awesomeness! }

I’m ridiculously excited to be trying out all 21!!! polishes. I guess it didn’t hit me how many polishes I got until I laid them all out like that. It’s the colors of the rainbow! I also wish I had waited just a BIT longer to send them in; then I could have gotten Midori too! I should be more than satisfied though. Which I am!

from left to right, top to bottom
gaia / harley / kat / morgan / lindsay / gabrielle / sienna
creamy / manhattan mixer / tangy / irene / suvi / jo / kotori
malia / zara / yasmeen / mikka / ki / richelle / raven

I already have requests for swatches of Ki, Malia, Zara, Creamy, and Tangy. If there’s anything else you’d like, just comment and I’ll get to it as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that I AM a student, and as much as I’d like to spend my time playing with nail polishes, there’s still studying and homework to be done.

For all those who haven’t done the polish exchange program, here’s the link: Click me!

The premise is that you send in 6+ bottles of nail polish, used, unused, dried up, whatever, and Zoya will send you brand new spanking bottles of nail polish for $3.00 a pop. That, my friends, is an awesome deal.

Well, this will be my last post for today. Until next time!