This is Misa’s No Shrinking Violetta taken in pretty direct sunlight. To say the least, it’s one of my FAVORITE colors, hands down. Strange, because I tend to gravitate towards the bright, neon, and obnoxious. But nope, somehow, this color has stolen my heart!

It’s a very pink/purple color with gorgeous gold shimmer. Look at it! The shimmer definitely gives No Shrinking Violetta a different edge compared with other pinks. The application was a breeze, as expected by something from Misa. I actually got this a few months ago during Misa’s HUGE promotion, where I ended up getting 12 bottles for $24.00. No joke. Possibly one of the best deals I have gotten for SUPER high quality nail polish.

I had a friend describe this color as a total “princess” color. What do you think? Do you see it like that too? And before I forget, that’s a nail lace sticker on my pointer finger. I found them on ebay, if anyone is interested.