Zoya – Lindsay Friday, Apr 17 2009 

My Zoya haul came in the other day [you’ll get to see that in a bit!], so I decided to test out one of the colors! I normally don’t wear pink nail polish – it’s usually obnoxiously bright or dark vampys – but for some reason, Lindsay truely caught my eye. Just look at the pictures! They’re all taken in sunlight.

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Lindsay is a fushia pink infused with wonderful silver shimmer. I tried my very best to capture it for you, but I don’t think I succeeded too well. ): The only downside I would say this has is that it is super sheer. My pictures are 4 coats, and there’s still quite a lot of VNL. The numerous coats + Seche Vite = shrinkage. That made me a bit sad, but the color is still super SUPER beautiful. This is the first Zoya I’ve tried out, and I’m very impressed with the application! Zoya, you’re wonderful!


Misa – No Shrinking Violetta Friday, Apr 10 2009 


This is Misa’s No Shrinking Violetta taken in pretty direct sunlight. To say the least, it’s one of my FAVORITE colors, hands down. Strange, because I tend to gravitate towards the bright, neon, and obnoxious. But nope, somehow, this color has stolen my heart!

It’s a very pink/purple color with gorgeous gold shimmer. Look at it! The shimmer definitely gives No Shrinking Violetta a different edge compared with other pinks. The application was a breeze, as expected by something from Misa. I actually got this a few months ago during Misa’s HUGE promotion, where I ended up getting 12 bottles for $24.00. No joke. Possibly one of the best deals I have gotten for SUPER high quality nail polish.

I had a friend describe this color as a total “princess” color. What do you think? Do you see it like that too? And before I forget, that’s a nail lace sticker on my pointer finger. I found them on ebay, if anyone is interested.