My Zoya haul came in the other day [you’ll get to see that in a bit!], so I decided to test out one of the colors! I normally don’t wear pink nail polish – it’s usually obnoxiously bright or dark vampys – but for some reason, Lindsay truely caught my eye. Just look at the pictures! They’re all taken in sunlight.

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Lindsay is a fushia pink infused with wonderful silver shimmer. I tried my very best to capture it for you, but I don’t think I succeeded too well. ): The only downside I would say this has is that it is super sheer. My pictures are 4 coats, and there’s still quite a lot of VNL. The numerous coats + Seche Vite = shrinkage. That made me a bit sad, but the color is still super SUPER beautiful. This is the first Zoya I’ve tried out, and I’m very impressed with the application! Zoya, you’re wonderful!